This website contains scans of key pages from important historical, literary and technical works. They're made available as a free service to the general public, thereby enabling a direct, immediate viewing of actual historical source material content.

The purpose of the site is to help preserve the technical accuracy of information contained in important historical and literary documents, thereby minimizing the possibility to misconstrue future references made to such works.

Website scans may be used to verify original source information, as well as, to corroborate other available "current source" information which is said to stem from such material.

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The History Of The Union Of Great Britain  Edinburgh, Heirs Of Anderson, 1709


Address of the Hon. Edward Everett At the Consecration of the National Cemetary At Gettysburg, 19th November 1863, with the Dedicatory Speech of President Lincoln, and the Other Excercises of the Occasion; Accompanied by An Account of the Origin of the Undertaking and of the Arrangement of the Cemetery Grounds, and by a Map of the Battle-field and a Plan of the Cemetery  Little, Brown and Company, 1864


Ueber die Einwohner des Königreichs Benin auf der Westküste des Tropischen Afrika  Allgemeine Geographische Ephemeriden Weimar; Verlag des Landes-Industrie-Comptoirs; [Translation:   As to the inhabitants of the Kingdom of Benin on the West Coast of Tropical Africa] 1801


Around the World in Eighty Days and its Doubling of Midnight.

En Luftballongsresa Genom Afrika   Albert Bonniers Forlag; Horbergska Boktryckeriet; Stockholm, Sweden;[Translation:   A Hot Air Balloon trip through Africa] DATED 1863

Un Voyage En Ballon  La Science En Famille" appearing in the August 1851 issue of "Musee Des Familles".


Trisection -- An Exact Solution; Revision A (new matter), July 17, 1995.

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