Un Voyage En Ballon is the first known work considered to have ever been published by Jules Verne.  History contends that it first appeared in a French printing called "La Science En Famille" during August of 1851 in an issue of "Musee Des Familles".

TrueScans of this publication are presented below.

This story, then having been translated into English, surfaced as:

A Voyage In a Balloon January to June 1852; Volume X of Sartain's Magazine; John Sartain -- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

Voyage In a Balloon July 1852; Volume 2 of The Working Man's Magazine; John Cassell -- London, England.

TrueScans of these publications are presented further below.

Now, each of these listings consist of two chapters only. They portray the same exact short story line. All three exhibit duplicate chapter headings which are to serve as brief descriptions of upcoming encounters to be expanded, or expounded upon, within respective chapters. All stories are written in the first person; and all discuss happenings, or events, said to have commenced during the month of September 1850.

Un Voyage En Ballon

A Voyage In a Balloon


Voyage In a Balloon

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